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International Conference @Congress Center: Digitalization and Infectious Diseases

Digitalization and Infectious Diseases: Improving patient outcome in the age of big data

This conference will enhance your insights of digitalization, machine learning and personalized health in infectious diseases. Most recent breakthroughs and translation into applications to clinics will be shown and discussed. Join the key opinion leaders in these fields and build your network with experts in information technology, machine learning and big data, clinical microbiology, infectious diseases, biomedical research, bioinformatics, law and ethics, and more. 



FutureHealth Basel 2020

The great innovative power of the life sciences and medtech sectors with new technologies and treatments perform medical “miracles”, but are often extremely complex and expensive, ever more often leading to questions about what a human life is “worth”. Can we afford modern treatment and, if yes, for whom? How can we promote the smooth flow of data and information without at the same time negatively impacting our privacy? Who is interested in our health and how can all players be inspired to pull together?  These and other questions will be addressed by the speakers of FutureHealth Basel 2020.

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Industry Connect

Troisième et dernière session de la série d'Industry Connect consacrée aux données de production. Après avoir traité de l’utilisation actuelle des données, puis des débouchés à moyen terme, nous aborderons l’impact à long terme : comment l'utilisation des données peut changer radicalement le modèle d'affaires, avec le partage d’expérience du CEO d’Elite. Nous aurons également le privilège de visiter la coutellerie et le département horlogerie de Victorinox.

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Promoting Innovative Antibiotic R&D in Switzerland

The meeting’s objective is discussing ways to facilitate
technology transfer from academia to an industrial setting
and to further the development of an attractive ecosystem,
at national and international level, for bringing new antibiotics
to the market.



06. -10.07.2020

Medical Robotics Week 2020 / Uni Basel und ETH Zürich Kongress

First Medical Robotics Week in Basel!

First time that that the field of robotics and the field of medicine in the Basel area are connected. The participants will be able to experience the spirit of the CYBATHLON, a competition and platform to drive forward research and development of assistance systems for everyday use.



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