5 Take-Aways from the event: "Aiming for novel antibiotic approaches"

5 Take-Aways from Speakers about Antibiotic Research

What is new in the field of antibiotic research – and why does it matter to all of us? Four speakers of the event “Aiming for novel antibiotic approaches: Challenges, new technologies and potential collaborations“ express their valuable opinions.

Health threat

Antibiotics often don’t work anymore due to increasing resistance of bacteria. Simple infections pose a deadly health threat to all of us.


It was and still is relatively unattractive to invest into new antibiotics development due to the low pricing situation and regulatory hurdles.

Good news

Today, the awareness for the need to research antibiotics is building up, governmental efforts are increasing and there are interesting funding opportunities for research in this field.


Currently a lot of action has been taken in finding new chemical spaces. Novel methods for example use microfluidics, phage therapies, resistance breaking strategies and concepts to boost the immune system.

Antibiotics in Basel

As a hub for antibiotic research Basel is a fantastic place providing a critical mass in the life sciences community spanning from academic research to big and small pharma players.

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