Euresearch Logo (Bild ZVG)

Euresearch Logo (Bild ZVG)


Euresearch supports SME participation in EU-Research & Innovation Programmes

What is Euresearch and how are SMEs supported?
Euresearch is the Swiss network providing targeted information, advice and trans-national partnering related to European research and innovation programmes. Euresearch has created mandates which are specifically responsible for supporting participation of SMEs in Horizon 2020. These «SME Contact Points» will match opportunities of calls with profiled SMEs, inform SMEs in the region about EU funding opportunities, forthcoming calls, partner search tools and gives basic advice on the procedure how to participate in an EU funded programme.
The network is composed of a Head Office in Bern and Regional Offices at each University and is mandated by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI).

Logo Horizon 2020.
Logo Horizon 2020.

Horizon 2020 – large portfolio of funding opportunities for SMEs
Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU research and innovation programme with nearly €80 billion of funding available over 7 years (2014 to 2020). Swiss SMEs and academic institutions can participate in nearly all Horizon 2020 calls. The main programmes in Horizion2020 are divided into three «pillars»:

  • Excellence in Science - pillar 1, €24,4 bn, mainly foreseen for basic research and career funding
  • Industrial Leadership - pillar 2, €17 bn, funding in ICT, nano, space, biotechnology
  • Societal Challenges - pillar 3, €29,7 bn, funding in health, food, energy, transport, climate, security

Note: ca. 20 % of the budget in pillars 2 and 3 (total of ca. €8 bn) is foreseen for SMEs

For SMEs a participation in programmes under the topics «Industrial leadership» and «Societal challenges» is highly appropriate and attractive. Within these lines you will find many life sciences areas as well as public private partnerships like Innovative Medicines Initiative. SMEs will be supported across Horizon 2020 pillars in all forms of R&D and innovation, towards exploitation and commercialization – covering the whole value chain.
For details see «summary diagram» which can be downloaded here
Further funding opportunities (click on European Programmes, top left)

Two SMEs in the Basel area currently participating in an EU-funded Project

«The participation in the FP7 «aim4np» project has many advantages for Nanosurf: First we are part of an international team to develop a new breakthrough technology to enable atomic force microscopy measurements in noisy production environment, second we get partly paid for this exciting development and third we may use some of the technological findings as part of future Nanosurf products. These are a lot of benefits which will strengthen our technology and market position in a very competitive Environment.»
Urs Matter, CEO, Nanosurf, Liestal
«The European research and innovation programs are important tools to increase the effectiveness in our projects. The professional cooperation in the programs expanded our R & D capabilities and we benefit from the knowledge and experience of all partners. In addition, we increase our network by working together. From a marketing point of view, these programs allow us to communicate more efficiently in the relevant markets, which improves the subsequent sale of the products and the overall potential for success increase. VanBaerle participates in the project Reactafire which aims to develop advanced coatings for timber fire protection,
Francesca Paganelli, Head Research and Development, VanBaerle, Münchenstein

SMEs are eligible for funding - details
Swiss SMEs as well as research institutions may participate in nearly all funding streams in Horizon 2020 and are eligible for funding (except «Access to Risk Finance», «SME-Instrument»). Depending on the status of Switzerland in Horizon 2020 (Associated or Third Country) and upon project approval, the budget for the Swiss partner will be financed either by the EC or by the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI). Also, Swiss SMEs may apply for a Support of CHF 8000.- for a grant preparation for an EU project («KMU – Einstiegsbetrag»). Up-to-date details are provided on the SERI website (see here services, forms, Horizon 2020 to find «KMU – Einstiegsbetrag»).

EEN Logo
EEN Logo

How to find partners for projects? – Enterprize Europe Network, EEN, and Swiss EEN
The Enterprise Europe Network helps small business to make the most of business opportunities. In Switzerland, Euresearch and Switzerland Global Enterprise offer professional support services to find technology partners or market your innovation, to find new business opportunities and new markets within Europe and beyond. EEN publishes your technology offers and technology requests and search the database. Overview on various partner search platforms.

How i-net supports Euresearch’s activities
i-net sees EU collaboration as a chance for SMEs to speed up innovation by working together in international teams. Therefore, i-net cooperates with Euresearch by exchanging information with companies regarding their participation in EU programmes. In addition, Euresearch will be present in some forthcoming i-net events. On top of that, i-net and Euresearch are planning a jointly organized event later in 2015 about funding opportunities for SMEs – you will read more shortly.

Euresearch Regional Office Basel, SME Contact Point, Dr. Susanne Daniel, susanne.notexisting@nodomain.comdaniel@unibas.notexisting@nodomain.comch; phone +41 61 267 18 52
Euresearch Regional Office Basel, Head, Dr. Kurt Kamber, kurt.notexisting@nodomain.comkamber@unibas.notexisting@nodomain.comch, +41 61 267 28 33

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