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Ort: Startup Academy, Picassoplatz 4, 4052 Basel

Rahel Schneider

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Rahel Schneider

Junior Project Manager Real Estate & Entrepreneurship

Tel. +41 61 295 50 07



Workshop «Business Model Canvas - Beginner»

This workshop represents an important basis for start-ups, mentors and experts. The subsequent Business Model Canvas Advanced workshop builds on this workshop.

- Business model innovations and added-value today
- Components of a business model
- Discussion and analysis of successful business models
- Designing procedure
- Illustration and assessment of external influences on the success of a business model
- Lean Startup Methodology for the development of business models
When: Saturday, 21st April 2018 - from 09:00 to 13:00
Where: Startup Academy, Picassoplatz 4, 4052 Basel
The number of participants is limited. Interested parties please apply to rahel.notexisting@nodomain.comschneider@baselarea.notexisting@nodomain.comswiss, shortly presenting their business idea and motivation for participating.  Startups can participate for free.

The workshop will be organized in cooperation with the Startup Academy.