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Ort: Biozentrum Basel, Klingelbergstrasse 70, 4056 Basel - Room 104

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event Micro, Nano & Materials


Technology Circle “Nanomedicine”

Nanotechnology and its applications in medicine have a promising potential to improve diagnosis, prevention and treatment of multiple diseases. It is a relatively new field of applied research, but rapidly expanding and increasingly reaching clinical research status.

Last year, at the Technology Circle Nanomedicine workshop we discussed the principle development steps and necessary preclinical activities, which would allow Regulatory approval of testing novel "nano-drugs" in human clinical trials.

During the next series of workshops we would like to draw your attention to new technological developments, which i) improve our understanding on how nano-sized structures act and interact with and within cells, and within sub-cellular compartments; ii) allow visualisation of functioning macromolecules and bio-molecular interactions; and iii) support early and differential diagnosis of complex diseases and cell-specific targeting.

This upcoming Technology Circle Nanomedicine addresses the biology of cellular processes at the nanoscale, or in other words the intriguing world of nanobiology.

Quantitative nanoscience techniques as well as biophysical instruments are being developed by Prof. Lim's team to obtain deep insight into molecular interactions that drive biological functionalities within cells and between cells.

The second speaker, Dr. Martinez will present a new methodology for highly sophisticated monitoring of cell functionality (or dysfunctionality), under physiologic conditions, in real time, over days and with millisecond time resolution.

When: March 21st, 2017, 16:00 – 18:00 followed by a networking apéro
Where: Biozentrum Basel, Klingelbergstrasse 70, 4056 Basel - Room 104



Welcome by, Ralf Dümpelmann, and moderator Jan Mous


Introduction of Participants, all

16:20 Transport Mechanism of cells and the function of nanopores, Prof. Roderick Lim, Biozentrum

Tracking cell mass dynamics: a potent indicator for cell physiology,
Dr. David Martínez Martín, D-BSSE, ETH-Zürich

17:30 Discussions and outlook
18:00 Networking Apéro

The workshops of the Technology Circle Nanomedicine are regular events aiming for an audience of 20-30 people who actively discuss, raise issues and may advise on next topics to be presented and discussed. We restrict therefore the number of participants.

For registration, please send an email to ralf.notexisting@nodomain.comduempelmann@baselarea.notexisting@nodomain.comswiss until 16. March 2017.





Tracking cell mass dynamics: a potent indicator for cell physiology.
Dr. David Martínez Martín, D-BSSE, ETH-Zürich
Regulation of cell size, volume and mass is an essential and fundamental cellular process, and dysregulation of these parameters is at the origin of many diseases. However, this regulatory process remains poorly understood, in part because it has not been possible to track individual adherent cells in physiological conditions with sufficient mass and time resolution for observing fast dynamic cellular processes. Here, we introduce a picoscopic cell balance that measures the mass of single or multiple adherent cells in culture conditions, over days, and with millisecond time resolution and picogram mass sensitivity.