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The Typewise founders Janis Berneker (left) and David Eberle (img: Typewise)

The Typewise founders Janis Berneker (left) and David Eberle (img: Typewise)


Basel startup eliminating typos

The startup Typewise has developed a new virtual keyboard for smartphones. This should see the number of typos made by users reduced drastically.

A total of 27 percent of all entries on smartphone keyboard variants available up to now result in typos, as revealed by the Typewise website. The startup from Binningen in the canton of Basel-Landschaft is planning to change this via its new keyboard. The Typewise keyboard should reduce the proportion of typos to just 3 percent.

To achieve this, the keys are firstly much broader and easier to hit, as revealed in a press release, while, secondly, the keyboard itself has been adapted to facilitate typing with two thumbs, as a total of 74 percent of all smartphone users type in this way, as Typewise explains by referencing a study conducted by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH). “Two spacebars located in the center of the keyboard grant easier access to this key, which is the most frequently used”, says Typewise in explaining an additional difference. Moreover, a swipe gesture is used for functions such as backspace and capital letters.

The two founders of Typewise, Janis Berneker und David Eberle, have used Artificial Intelligence (AI) to achieve this. The app constantly analyses where individual keys are pressed in order to facilitate the best-possible autocorrect without errantly correcting mistakes. This AI works fully offline in order to protect the private sphere of the users.

The keyboard app from Typewise is available to download free of charge from both the App Store (Apple) and Google Play Store (Android). Additional functions are unlocked on purchase or by subscription.


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