Gabriela Güntherodt

Gabriela Güntherodt

Head of International Markets & Business Affairs, Member of the Management Board

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The Kindoh range includes nappies (img: Kindoh)

The Kindoh range includes nappies (img: Kindoh)


Kindoh opens global headquarters in Basel

Kindoh, a daily consumer product brand, is moving its headquarters to Basel. The location promotion organization supported the company’s relocation from the start.

Kindoh launched a new nappy brand in South Korea in 2016 and started its distribution. In the evolving online market environment in Korea, Kindoh reached a market share of 10 per cent within 3 years. Its product portfolio has expanded to family care products and hygiene items. 

Now, the company is going to manage all its international branches – whether in Seoul, Berlin or Shanghai – from the new global headquarters in Basel. The location promotion organization provided support with the relocation from the start, including helping find suitable office space. 

In the Grosspeter Tower at Grosspeteranlage 29, Kindoh will focus on accelerating global growth and building its reputation as a European brand. Responsible for the recruitment of international management and investments will be Kindoh AG.  

The products of Kindoh are completely produced in EU including Germany. The company offers nappies, baby cosmetics, women’s hygiene items and incontinence products in 2020. By 2021, it plans to offer items that can be used by the whole family, such as cleaning products for the home.

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