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CARB-X supports BioVersys in the fight against resistance

The Basel biotech company BioVersys is receiving up to almost 9 million dollars from the CARB-X network. The funds will drive the development of novel antimicrobial therapies.

BioVersys develops small molecules for multidrug-resistant bacterial infections, creating therapies that target the increasing problem of bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. Now, CARB-X is supporting the company in its fight, writes a statement

CARB-X is one of the world’s biggest public-private partnerships conducting groundbreaking research to combat drug-resistant bacteria. It is funding BioVersys with 3.94 million dollars, with the possibility of up to 8.92 million dollars if certain project milestones are met.

With the funding, BioVersys plans to fuel the development of first-in-class small molecule drugs that hinder the efficacy and virulence of pathogens. The work builds on BioVersys’ BV200 program, which uses molecules of the BV200 series to develop therapies for Staphylococcus aureus bacteria. The bacteria cause serious skin infections that can spread to muscles, lungs and other body parts. 

“We are delighted that CARB-X recognizes the immense potential of BioVersys’ anti-virulence program (BV200) through this funding award,” commented Marc Gitzinger, CEO and co-founder of BioVersys. He continued that the diversity in antimicrobial resistance diseases required looking beyond classical antibiotics. Further investment in research and development is necessary in order to pursue novel approaches like anti-virulence therapies, according to Gitzinger. 

Representing the Basel region, which is a leading center for antibiotics research, is a member of CARB-X. The location promotion organization supports businesses eligible for CARB-X funding and consults the network regarding the support of companies. 

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