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E+H in Reinach. (Img: Endress+Hauser)

E+H in Reinach. (Img: Endress+Hauser)


Endress+Hauser develops research facilities

Endress+Hauser, the manufacturers of measuring devices based in Reinach BL, has developed two hygiene and wastewater testing facilities. These are to be integrated into operations at the School of Life Sciences in Muttenz BL.

The two new facilities have been set up at the Process Technology Center (PTC) of the School of Life Sciences at the University of Applied Sciences of Northwest Switzerland (FHNW), as outlined in a press release issued by Endress+Hauser. The PTC, which was only opened in June of this year, investigates chemical, biotechnological and environmental technology processes.

The collaboration with Endress+Hauser will now allow this research to be expedited in the areas of hygiene and wastewater. The measuring device manufacturers developed the testing facilities in conjunction with the School for Life Sciences and EnviroChemie, which constructs treatment plants. For the testing facilities in the area of hygiene, the focus was on investigating “the implementation of all current cleaning and purification processes” as well as the “development of new cleaning and purification processes”.

The modular construction of the wastewater facility allows the researchers to “individually put together the separate process steps in the testing facilities”. This provides the key difference with communal and industrial facilities.

As part of its efforts to support emerging talents, Endress+Hauser implements “research and development projects with local educational institutes”. To this end, the Basel-based measuring technology company has agreed partnerships with a total of 15 universities and higher education institutes around the world.


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