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Clinerion supporting German university


Clinerion supporting German university

Clinerion, the Basel health data specialist, is giving students at Dresden International University access to its platform. Students will consequently learn to deal with de-identified Real World Data.

Real World Data (RWD) is data sourced from the de-identified electronic health records of actual patients. Clinerion’s Patient Network Explorer platform has built up a comprehensive portfolio of such data through its global network of partner hospitals. The collaboration that has now been agreed with Dresden International University will give Master’s students access to this platform, as was reported in a press release. This anonymized data will help students learn how to use Real World Data to generate Real World Evidence (RWE). RWE is a disruptive element in the development of innovative drugs, Clinerion writes.

Through this partnership, the Basel company wants to support the education of the next generation of clinicians and scientists around the world. Students enrolled at the private Dresden International University will already have acquired extensive experience in their studies so far, having trained in clinical trial concepts and data analysis, among other areas. The students who will be working with Clinerion’s data will commence their Master’s research work in the autumn semester of 2020. Dresden International University will be offering lectures in the generation of RWE from Real World Data, which Clinerion reports is the first such course in the world.

According to Course Director Ben Illigens, the university elected to partner with Clinerion because the Basel company is famous for its innovative use of Real World Data for clinical research. “Clinerion data is secure, transparent, scalable and international and therefore a perfect fit for our program and for our students’ needs,” says Ben Illigens.


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