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Gabriela Güntherodt

Head of International Markets & Business Affairs, Member of the Management Board

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Basel with Roche and Messe towers (img: Adriano Biondo)

Basel with Roche and Messe towers (img: Adriano Biondo)


Northwestern Switzerland is one of the most innovative regions in Europe

Switzerland remains the leading European country for innovation performance. This is a finding of the Innovation Scoreboard compiled by the European Union (EU). Moreover, Northwest Switzerland with Basel was named the seventh most innovative region in Europe. Northwestern Switzerland is leading the field in the area of "public-private co-publications per million population" and stands out in lifelong learning. The area is also above both the Swiss and the EU average in terms of patent and trademark applications.

According to the EU’s Innovation Scoreboard, Switzerland is once more the most innovative country in Europe. The European Commission rated Switzerland’s innovation performance at 171 points in relation to the EU average of 100 points. Over the past eight years, Switzerland has therefore continually extended its lead in this regard.

Switzerland scores particularly well in terms of the attractiveness of its research systems, receiving a score of 207.9 points for this innovation dimension. A look at the results reveals that this can be attributed to its international networking. In this context, Switzerland performed particularly well for international scientific co-publications as well as the number of foreign doctorate students.

Switzerland also received an impressive score of 195.5 points in the area of human resources. According to the results, this is due to the many new doctorate graduates in addition to the proportion of the population with tertiary education. Moreover, Switzerland did exceptionally well in terms of lifelong learning.

At 175 points, the country also performs when it comes to corporate investment in research and development. Companies in Switzerland not only invest huge sums in innovation, they also offer employees comprehensive ICT training. The report further highlighted the good collaborations between enterprises and research institutes.

The European Commission published an additional report on innovation performance of individual European regions. In this, Northwest Switzerland was ranked at number seven, having performed highly in the areas of lifelong learning and public-private co-publications. This region also achieved above-average scores for the indicators of trademark applications and employment in medium/high-tech manufacturing and knowledge-intensive services.

In its innovation reports, the EU investigates the third countries Switzerland, Norway and Serbia in addition to EU member states. Within the EU, Sweden was innovation leader for 2019, followed by Finland, Denmark and the Netherlands. According to the report, European innovation performance has improved over the past decade. For the first time, Europe has overtaken the USA in terms of innovation performance, the report states.

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