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Gabriela Güntherodt

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Fountain of Jean Tinguely

Fountain of Jean Tinguely


Emigrants praise quality of life

Those who move to Basel generally assign a higher score to the city for quality of living and life than to their old home. This is a finding from a survey of immigrants conducted by the canton. Respondents praised aspects including public transport and the city’s cultural offering.

The city of Basel boasts a high quality of living and life. This is confirmed by a survey of people moving into and out of Basel conducted by the Statistical Office of the city canton, which found that 93 percent of respondent like to live in Basel. At 97 percent, the share is even higher among those aged 18 to 29. Respondents had the greatest praise for public transport, which was rated 5.6 on a scale of 1 to 6. The cultural offering achieves an average score of 5.4 among immigrants, rising to 5.5 among those who have left the city. In the survey, healthcare, restaurants and shopping possibilities were also regarded highly. The level of satisfaction is lower when it comes to air quality and noise. Overall, immigrants gave Basel a score of 5.0, while assigning their old home an average score of 4.6.

Those who move to Basel often do so on account of the city canton’s central location – 35 percent cited this as their top reason. Second, was work with 26 percent. Work is the most commonly selected reason for moving away, chosen by 17 percent of emigrants.

The positive image of the city canton is also reflected in its population, which has been rising for the past decade. The number of people living in the city rose above 200,000 in September 2018, with this figure set to increase in future.

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