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Research (Img: Alex011973/shutterstock)

Research (Img: Alex011973/shutterstock)


Findings from Basel enable improved breast cancer treatment

Basel – A recently published study investigated in greater detail the formation of metastases in the indication of breast cancer. The findings will impact treatment techniques. University Hospital Basel was also involved in the study.

The study was recently published in “Nature”, as revealed by University Hospital Basel in a press release. Doctors working at the hospital collaborated on the study, in which it was proven that metastases form in breast cancer patients when the genetic material of breast cancer cells mutates. In this context, the activation of mutation-promoting proteins and suppression of mechanisms to repair defective genetic material can lead to mutations.

Charlotte Ng, one of the lead authors of the study who worked in the Institute for Medical Genetics and Pathology at University Hospital Based up to the end of 2018, was quoted in the press release: “We have concluded from the study that patients should receive treatment aimed at controlling metastases as early as possible”. The findings with regard to improved treatment are particularly important for patients with advanced breast cancer. The researchers identified several different mutations that “occur in cancer indications that are difficult to treat”. Based on these findings, however, decisions can now be taken earlier and more accurately as to which drugs, which are still undergoing testing, should be used to treat the affected patients.

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