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Basel-Landschaft parliament approves 11 million for Innovation Park


Basel-Landschaft parliament approves 11 million for Innovation Park

The Basel-Landschaft cantonal parliament has approved contributions totaling 11.3 million Swiss francs for the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area. This investment will be used to strengthen the life science cluster in Northwest Switzerland.

The Basel-Landschaft parliament is backing the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area with cross-party support. On Thursday, the cantonal parliament approved spending for the Innovation Park between 2019 and 2025 with 61 votes in favor, no votes against and only two abstentions. As a result, the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area will receive total operating contributions of 5.6 million francs from the canton of Basel-Landschaft. A further 5.7 million francs has been earmarked for tenant fit-out at the new location on the BaseLink site in Allschwil BL.

Allschwil is the largest of the three proposed sites making up the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area, with the second also in Basel and plans to create a third in Delémont. The Innovation Park has been based in two former Actelion buildings at Allschwil since 2015. The new building will be designed by Basel architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron.

The Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area, managed by, is one of five locations in the network of Switzerland Innovation Park. It is backed by the two Basel cantons, the Jura, the Chamber of Commerce of the two Basel cantons and the University of Basel. The Innovation Park will act “as a kind of incubator for growing companies in the life sciences sector,” a report from the advisory commission for the cantonal parliament explains. Here, the University of Basel’s Department of Biomedical Engineering is working on Project MIRACLE to develop a miniature robot that can cut tissue and bone with laser technology. It is also home to the BaseLaunch healthcare accelerator program, likewise managed by It involves some of the world’s largest biotech companies and has already supported 23 projects, resulting in 15 new companies. According to the government’s submission, there are currently around a dozen projects with 170 employees operating in the Innovation Park. Two companies have already successfully completed funding rounds and are now based elsewhere in the region outside the Innovation Park.

In previous years, Basel-Landschaft has contributed 2.1 million francs to the buildup and operation of the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area.

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