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Insight into medicine in the fourth dimension

Insight into medicine in the fourth dimension


Virtual reality provides insight into human body

In a new exhibition the Department of Biomedical Engineering (DBE), a joint venture of the University of Basel and the University Hospital Basel, shows the inner workings of the human body using visualization techniques developed for practising surgeons.

From April 27 visitors to the Pharmacy Museum in Basel can familiarize themselves with the latest medical technologies and developments. Modern visualization techniques using virtual reality (VR) make it possible to see into the living body, experience the movement of organs and gain a better understanding of modern medical developments. The Department of Biomedical Engineering (DBE), a joint venture of the University of Basel and the University Hospital Basel, has organized the exhibition and is the main tenant at the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area in Allschwil.

The DBE has developed a technology that enables surgeons to prepare real operations in virtual space. The technology was used for the first time in Switzerland in the University Hospital Basel at the beginning of 2018. Philippe Cattin, Head of the DBE, says in a press release: “We have the great advantage that our research is not so abstract. Therefore, I can explain to my mother what we are doing and this idea was the motivation for the exhibition. We wanted to make our years of research understandable and in this way give something back to the people who support us through their taxes. Of course, we also want to excite them.“

Seminars for schoolchildren will also form part of the exhibition. They will have the opportunity to go through the exhibition with researchers and try out individual situations. In addition, three evening talks will be held on the human body and medical imaging.

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