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Big data (img: kentoh/shutterstock)

Big data (img: kentoh/shutterstock)


Genedata wins award

The Basel-based software company Genedata has won the Best of Show Award at the Bio-IT World Conference & Expo for a software solution which speeds up comprehensive analysis processes at biopharmaceutical firms.

Genedata has won the Best of Show Award for its Imagence software, as detailed in a press release. The Basel-based company developed Imagence for high-content screening (HCS) analysis processes used in drug development circles. As part of this, substances are introduced into cells which trigger a change in the appearance of the cells. These various appearances are then investigated using HCS in order to analyze the mechanism of action of the substances. With Imagence, Genedata applies a deep-learning approach for these analyses. This is a form of artificial intelligence (AI). According to the press release, Imagence is the industry’s first commercial, instrument-independent solution for automated high-content screening (HCS) image analysis to be based on a deep-learning approach and available at a large-enough scale to meet the requirements of companies.

According to the judges at Bio-IT World Conference & Expo, which was held in Boston, MA, just before Easter, this image analysis of the cell appearances represents one of the most useful applications of AI. The judges also underlined that Genedata Imagence can empower biologists to make full use of AI to drive forward their research.

Othmar Pfannes, CEO von Genedata, commented in the press release: “Genedata Imagence is revolutionizing a key process in biopharmaceutical research and development”. The software has already been used by some of Genedata’s partners, with a particular focus on its efficiency. Now the solution will be on offer to the entire industry.


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