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Stücki Park (img: Florian Lotter)


Lonza plans to create new jobs at Stücki Park

Swiss Prime Site is about to create additional office and laboratory space for 1,700 new jobs at Stücki Park in Basel. The chemical specialists Lonza will rent space to hire an additional 250 specialists from 2020.

Stücki Park is being expanded further. Swiss Prime Site has announced in a press release that 190 million Swiss francs will be invested in expanding the existing laboratory and office space. This will see the rental area more than doubled by 33,000 square meters to a total of 60,000 square meters by 2023, thereby creating space for 1,700 new jobs at the site in north Basel.

The chemical specialists Lonza, already an established presence at Stücki Park as anchor tenants, will rent new buildings across a surface area of 8,000 square meters. From the third quarter of 2020, around 250 new specialists will work in the new buildings, “thus further enhancing Basel as a major economic area”, as Prof. Dr. Hanns-Christian Mahler, Head of Lonza Drug Product Services, commented in the press release. “As we continue to grow in Drug Product Services, the new buildings at Stücki Park are ideal for us”, he concluded.

Peter Lehmann, CEO Swiss Prime Site Immobilien, was delighted about Lonza’s expansion, commenting in the press release: “The complete rental of the existing long building and a substantial part of the new building represents a significant milestone for the site, which this project will make considerably more attractive”.

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