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Fabian Streiff

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DayOne Catalyst project workshop (img: Frank Kumli)

DayOne Catalyst project workshop (img: Frank Kumli)


DayOne Catalyst Project: Oonida

One of the pillars of’ DayOne ( strategy is to drive Catalyst projects – collaborative approaches to bottleneck issues in Healthcare innovation. These are “wicked problems” that can only be solved collaboratively. Therefore, Catalyst Projects focus on challenges to which it is difficult to find solutions within the current industry structures.

The access to healthcare data is one of the best-known bottleneck issues in healthcare innovation and is being addressed by Oonida. The Basel based not-for-profit company is building a citizen centric platform where health data can be shared between patients and all relevant healthcare stakeholders. As a neutral steward OoNiDa aims to improve the efficiency within the ecosystem and overall population health by encouraging free flow of information in the health ecosystem so services and care can be delivered more efficiently and innovation can be stimulated. 

New insights and connections

On behalf of OoNiDa DayOne brought together 15 volunteering healthcare innovators across industry and disciplines from the Basel ecosystem. During a full-day workshop at the DayOne Innovation Lab in the Technologiepark Basel, the OoNiDa management was able to validate and refine their business model and to come up with a minimal viable product that could be launched and tested in the local market.

“It is a unique experience for a startup in the very early stage like ours, to get access to some of the brightest minds in the Basel Healthcare Innovation Ecosystem. Not only did we gain new insights but could also make most valuable connections to future partners and customers of our platform”, stated Andy Bushell, Founder and CEO of OoNiDa.

Learn more...

... about the workshop with Oonida and about our Catalyst projects

If you or your organization would like to launch a Catalyst project, please contact frank.notexisting@nodomain.comkumli@baselarea.notexisting@nodomain.comswiss


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