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Basler Kantonalbank launches innovation subsidiary

Keen Innovation AG launched in January. The subsidiary of Basler Kantonalbank develops and tests new products for the bank and Bank Cler.

The start of the new year also marked the launch of Keen Innovation AG. The company is a subsidiary of Basler Kantonalbank (BKB) and is designed to act as an independent innovation lab. Its primary focus is developing new products, solutions and business models for BKB and Bank Cler.

“The launch of Keen marks another milestone for BKB in the digital transformation,” commented Simone Westerfeld, CEO of BKB. Its core goals are to improve the customer experience, adapt and digitalise processes, and develop new business models.

CEO of Keen Innovation is Thomas Leber, who brings many years of experience in innovation management and the transformation of business models. With a CV including different positions at startups, Leber is now working to build a “small team” in the coming months with experience in agile product development, innovation management, bank affairs and fintech.

Keen Innovation is expected to move into its own headquarters in Basel.

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