Stephan Emmerth

Stephan Emmerth

PhD | Director Therapeutic Innovation and BaseLaunch

Tel. +41 61 295 50 17



Visionarity promotes healthy living

Visionarity, a startup company from Basel, is using a digital health ecosystem to motivate employees to live well. It has already won its first partners and is now planning a financing round.

Visionarity is building a health ecosystem to bring together people in healthcare, insurance and other related sectors. “With our digital platform, we are helping insurers to conduct an active dialogue with their customers and companies to promote commitment and good health among their staff,” explained CEO Kolja A. Rafferty in a statement.

Participants in the health programme benefit from reductions and promotions with Visionarity’s partners, of whom the Basel startup has already welcomed several. Among them are the Swiss Society for Nutrition (SGE), the Zurich sports network myclubs AG and a number of small- and medium-sized companies. There are plans to expand the ecosystem to 20 partners by the end of 2018, with growth financing through Leverage Experts already on the agenda for the year.

Visionarity AG is headquartered in Basel and has subsidiaries in Zurich and Madrid.

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