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Roy Chikballapur, MachIQ

Roy Chikballapur, MachIQ


Welcome to Basel: MachIQ

“Bringing machines to life” by creating an intelligent network of people and machines: That is the mission of the Basel based company MachIQ. CEO Roy Chikballapur has the future in mind when he predicts where industrial production is headed: “In a few years, machine builders will transform their service business from simply selling spare parts to offering up their machines in a Production as a Service model.” MachIQ provides a software for machine builders that enables them to transition to the future by simplifying customer support and monitor their machines to reduce unplanned outages for their customers. For manufacturers, MachIQ created a software that helps with predictive support and that combines useful functions for plant managers, controllers and the maintenance team alike.

"Basel is the perfect location"

Roy Chikballapur launched MachIQ in 2016 and applied for the MassChallenge Switzerland soon after. Not only was MachIQ accepted but also won the competition as one of two Diamond Level winners, gaining 100’000 Swiss francs of funding. The business was first incorporated in Lausanne but relocated to Basel in 2018 with support of “Many of our customers and partners are in the Eastern Switzerland, in Germany and in France. Basel was the perfect choice, being in the middle of everything,” says Roy Chikballapur.

One of MachIQ’s customers is GEA, a supplier of process technology in the food industry based in Düsseldorf. Further, the company has also partnered with Siemens to deliver its applications on Siemens’ Mindsphere IoT platform.

Roy Chikballapur is an engineer in computer science. During his career, he worked in Bangalore, Bejing, Hongkong, Paris and Nice in companies like Schlumberger and Schneider Electric before locating his startup MachIQ in Basel.

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