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Basler Rheinhafen (img: Patrick Walde, Port of Switzerland)

Basler Rheinhafen (img: Patrick Walde, Port of Switzerland)


Rhine ports become digital pioneers

Those transporting containers on the Upper Rhine can now take advantage of a uniform barge reservation system, a container data exchange in real time and an electronic customs clearance system. The RheinPorts Information System (RPIS) was developed by a consortium comprising RheinPorts Basel-Muhlhouse-Weil with its seven container ports, Rheinhäfen Karlsruhe and the Independent Port of Strasbourg, as the ports involved reported. This three-year project took into account the requirements of the port operators, inland waterway transport companies and shipping companies. So far, the system has been adopted by 80 per cent of shipping companies.

According to Vassilia Argyraki from the EU’s Innovation and Networks Executive Agency, the nine Upper Rhine ports have proven themselves to be “pioneers in establishing a digital port infrastructure”. The EU supported the project as part of its Connection Europe Facility programme.

The RPIS will form the basis of an Upper Rhine traffic management platform. There are plans to form a separate company that will be tasked with its operation. In time, it will also be made available to other terminals in inland shipping as a standard system.

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