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Art Basel 2018 (img: José Yaque © Art Basel)

Art Basel 2018 (img: José Yaque © Art Basel)


The art world flocks to Art Basel

Art Basel 2018 opened on Tuesday, with close to 300 international galleries exhibiting thousands of works of art until Sunday. Exhibitions in Messe Basel and galleries as well as numerous other events are on the programme.

Some 290 of the world’s leading galleries are exhibiting the works of over 4,000 artists at Art Basel. The exhibitions, which open to the public on Thursday, are located in Basel and the surrounding area, creating a region-wide art experience featuring paintings, sculptures, photographs and installations, as well as videos and digital art.

The overall value of the works presented at Art Basel is estimated by insurer Axa Art to be between 3 billion and 3.5 billion Swiss francs, according to a news article. Last year, 95,000 visitors visited Art Basel over six days.

World's first Blockchain Exhibition

In addition to exhibitions at Messe Basel and in galleries, art aficionados can enjoy a rich programme of other events, including films by and about artists. As part of the Parcours sector, sculptures have been placed in the city’s neighbourhood, while the platform Unlimited offers artists a stage to present projects that transcend the classical art-show stand. The programme also includes discussions on contemporary art and the prestigious Baloise Art Prize, a competition for emerging artists.

Art Basel’s openness to new forms of art can be seen in the exhibition Untapped, the world’s first blockchain art exhibition. According to a statement, the show utilizes a hybrid of traditional physical techniques blended with digital artworks made possible by blockchain technology, and shows how blockchain can be used to allow for the type of provenance tracking that has long existed for physical art.

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