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Straumann invests in artificial intelligence


Straumann invests in artificial intelligence

Basel-based dental technology company Straumann is investing in French company Dental Monitoring. Its innovative remote monitoring system strengthens Straumann use of artificial intelligence.

Straumann and Dental Monitoring (DM) have signed an agreement that gives Straumann a minority stake in DEM as well as global distribution rights to DM’s innovative remote monitoring system. 

DM’s solution allows dentists to monitor the progress of orthodontic or dental treatments without the patient having to visit the practice. The patient simply takes pictures of his or her teeth and uploads them via an app into DM’s system. Artificial intelligence is then used to compare the images with previous data. The system automatically notifies the dentist, who can then arrange treatment adjustments as needed. Straumann will integrate DM’s technology into its portfolio of orthodontic and digital solutions. 

The two companies will also collaborate to develop new applications for artificial intelligence in the dental field. This could support “the full spectrum of Straumann’s activities including corrective, preventative, restorative and replacement dentistry”, according to a statement announcing the partnership.

“Our investment in DM provides us with a proven orthodontics tracking system and access to artificial intelligence technology. It also secures an innovative partner with the expertise to develop further leading-edge solutions in our field,” said Straumann CEO Marco Gadola.


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