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report Precision Medicine


5 take-aways from the digital nudges in healthcare event

Take-aways provided by the DayOne team

1. A large share of the global disease burden is a result of lifestyle therefore behavioral change will be a key part of keeping the healthcare system sustainable.

2. Technologies are evolving fast and offering opportunities to interact with patients anytime, anywhere. By designing digital nudges innovators can get quicker wins and faster learnings than before.

3. The field of Behavioral Economics is still in its infancy:

  • The design of a behavioral Economics toolbox and language to classify interventions is just getting started.
  • There is Initial evidence that interventions can work on some people for some time, but sustainable change remains hard.
  • There is a need to validate the effect of the interventions and work out what is the best intervention for each person

4. A sine qua non rule for behavioral change in healthcare is that the user has to be on board. Nudges have to be done with respect of the patient and transparent.

5. Designing and implementing Behavioral change interventions requires a truly multidisciplinary approach, therefore collaboration will be key to success.

This fascinating topic nudged some 200 people to join the event, to learn more, discuss and network on a lively evening in Basel’s Halle 7.

Here you find the full report and presentations.

The team looks forward to welcoming you at the upcoming event DayOne Experts: «Artificial Intelligence – the holy grail of healthcare innovation?» , any future event or in one of our projects.

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