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data network (img: SOMMAI/shutterstock)

data network (img: SOMMAI/shutterstock)


Fibre optic network boosts Basel’s appeal

Energy and communications firm IWB and Swisscom have installed a comprehensive fibre optic network in Basel, offering clear benefits to companies located in Basel. Seven companies use the IWB and Swisscom fibre optic network to offer their services in areas such as telephony, internet and location networking, according to an IWB statement. 

Telephone networks were previously used for such services, but the ever-increasing amount of data means that they are no longer sufficient. Demand for these services is also now on the rise and with it interest in IWB and Swisscom’s “ultra-fast” data network.

In 2011, the Canton of Basel-Stadt commissioned construction of the fibre optic network, which was carried out by IWB in cooperation with Swisscom. Connecting each neighbourhood was part of the contract. 

However, as the building stock has grown considerably in recent years and demand for the fibre optic network is greater than expected, the two companies are continuing to build the network. Streets and areas currently without fibre optic service will be connected to the network in the coming two years.

Until then, the network is already be used by numerous companies. Radio Basilisk uses the fibre optic network to stream its services, while the IT company Baltek is opening up new markets by offering its customers cloud services. The consultancy Bau+Holz transfers large amounts of data over the data network and can now work more efficiently and flexibly thanks to its capacity.


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