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(img: BC Platforms Logo)

(img: BC Platforms Logo)


BC Platforms launches precision medicine solution

BC Platforms, a world leader in genomic data management and analytics, has developed GeneVision as a new solution to facilitate data handling in precision medicine. The Basel-based company has also been chosen for an important new partnership.

In the development of GeneVision, BC Platforms used the Microsoft Genomics service to implement its new comprehensive solution for precision medicine. According to a press release, GeneVision is an end-to-end software-as-a-service solution from raw genome data to patient reports. Many healthcare institutions are currently replacing individual genetic tests with larger data production on a population level, the Basel-based company explains. However, it is a challenge to deal with the sheer enormity of the data volume and nonetheless interpret the results in a way that benefits precision medicine.

GeneVision utilises several of BC Platforms’ existing pipeline technologies and offers easy-to-use workflows for both genotyping and next-generation sequencing as a result. The solution can be used to monitor the quality of the available data and also enables the production of different patient reports for precision medicine.

“Our technology is focused on using the insight and knowledge driven from genomics to contribute to better and more personalised healthcare outcomes to patients,” comments Tero Silvola, CEO of BC Platforms.

The company will also be supporting Gene by Gene from the USA as it scales up its genomic data processing and storage capabilities. Based in Houston, the company offers genetic testing services for various purposes. Alongside applications in the healthcare sector, these tests are used for ancestry and genealogical research. In another press release, Tero Silvola noted that “Gene by Gene is one of the most dominant genomics related service and research companies globally”.

BC Platforms will be providing Gene by Gene with a ready-made solution that enables highly efficient data storage on the one hand and streamlined downstream analytics with fast turnaround times on the other. Elliott Greenspan, Director of Engineering at Gene by Gene, remarks that BC Platforms was chosen “because of their unique capabilities and ready-made solutions for genomic data handling and storage”. 

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