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Health data. (Img: unsplash/Pixabay)

Health data. (Img: unsplash/Pixabay)


Genedata increases research efficiency

Genedata has developed a platform to efficiently manage research processes and monitor operations at biopharmaceutical companies. The Basel-based software company has also launched a new version of its analysis software profiler.

Genedata produces software for drug discovery and life sciences research. It has now launched the Request Management System (RMS), which was developed in collaboration with the pharma company Boehringer Ingelheim.

Unable to find a suitable request management solution on the market, the pharma company decided to work with Genedata to develop its own, explained Miguel Teodoro, head of IT Research at Boehringer Ingelheim, in a statement.

The RMS, which has reportedly made the company’s overall biologics research process much more efficient, manages each step in biotherapeutic protein production and simultaneously monitors all R&D operations.

With the ability to track task scheduling and enable real-time monitoring of the progression of requests, the system is particularly suited to teamwork across different departments that must communicate during all stages of development.

It has already been installed across Boehringer Ingelheim`s biotherapeutics discovery teams in Europe and the U.S, where staff are using it to coordinate their collaborations more accurately. Genedata now plans to develop the RMS further and offer it to other companies in the course of the year.

In an additional development, the Basel software specialist has launched Genedata Profiler 11.0. According to a second statement from the company, the new version of the analysis software provides automated identification of biomarkers in patient samples. In turn, this optimizes clinical trial selection.

Identifying biomarkers is a very important step towards developing drugs, because the biomarkers help test the efficacy or toxicity of an active substance.

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