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Baloise expands digital services

The insurance company Baloise has launched an additional digital service. Mobly, a mobility platform for car owners, expands Baloise’s traditional insurance business.

The Basel-based insurance company will first launch Mobly in Belgium with two different modules, announced Baloise in a statement.

Mobly Go is a driver assistance system similar to those offered by car manufacturers. However, it will be available for all makes and even second-hand cars, and no expensive equipment will be required.  

The second module, Mobly Car Expert, supports customers buying used cars, with a specialist verifying the price and safety aspects.

"Mobly takes our services in Belgium in the area of mobility to a whole new level and will enable us to expand our traditional insurance business," commented Baloise CEO Gert De Winter in the statement.

"In future, car insurance will be just one module within the overall range of services that we offer as an underwriter.”

The new service complements Baloise’s existing digital services, FRIDAY and MOVU. While MOVU is established in Switzerland as a removals provider, the German digital insurer FRIDAY has exceeded expectations.

De Winter explained: "FRIDAY performed a lot better than expected in the first season for motor vehicle insurance. It has 50 per cent more customers than envisaged in the business plan."

According to the statement, through Mobly, FRIDAY and MOVU, Baloise has “laid the foundations for creating a diverse ecosystem of digital services in the target segments of mobility and living.”

In a next move, Baloise plans to make these three services available beyond their current core markets. 


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