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Basel. (Img: Matteo Cozzi/shutterstock)

Basel. (Img: Matteo Cozzi/shutterstock)


Basel economy confirms positive trends

Around 80 per cent of companies in Basel rate the current course of business as satisfactory or even good. This positive mood is even more pronounced in the life sciences sector, according to a survey conducted by the Basel Chamber of Commerce.

The Basel Chamber of Commerce conducted the autumn survey of its member companies to determine the second mood barometer of the year. It found that the “economy of the Basel region is in good shape”, confirming positive trends from national economic reports.

In the assessment of the current course of business, 36 per cent of respondents said it was “good”, up from 30 per cent in spring. 47 per cent of respondents said it was “satisfactory”, down from 52 per cent in spring. Only 1 per cent responded with “poor”, compared to 4 per cent in spring.

In the case of companies from the chemical, pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors, three-quarters of respondents rated the course of business as “good”, while a quarter responded that it is “satisfactory”. The leading sector of the region continues to perform well above the average, according to the mood barometer: “It can look back on a positive course of business in the past six months and is in a position to maintain this development.” This is underscored by positive trends in margins and growing investments.

Other sectors are also in a good position. The construction, logistics and transport sectors had “a positive half year behind them” and expect the good business situation to continue. Industrial companies see a “better” course of business, while in the area of mechanical engineering, electrical and metal industries (MEM) the situation is only considered “satisfactory”. Although wholesalers are hoping for a positive development, the retail industry remains problematic, explained the Basel Chamber of Commerce. 

139 decision-makers from the Basel region were surveyed for the mood barometer.

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