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Clariant extends shelf life of nutraceuticals

The speciality chemicals company Clariant has developed a protective packaging solution that can inhibit the exposure of medically active foodstuffs to damaging oxygen, light and moisture.

Clariant has developed a combination of solutions to protect probiotics contained in medically active foodstuffs known as nutraceuticals.

“Probiotics are living 'good' microorganisms,” explained Stephane Rault, Product Manager at Clariant Healthcare Packaging, in a statement. It is therefore important to protect them from oxygen, moisture and UV light with a range of active and passive solutions.

The packaging containers in Clariant’s Oxy-Guard product line are an example of a passive solution. Compliant with both EU and US regulations for pharmaceutical storage, they have six layers that protect the products within from moisture and UV light.

Among the active solutions are the oxygen scavengers, which can be inserted into containers.

Clariant has also developed the PharmaKeep product line, which can absorb active oxygen. Completing the offering are different gel and molecular sieves to absorb moisture.

This combination of Clariant solutions facilitates the effective protection of drugs, foodstuffs and medically active foodstuffs, and thus extends their shelf life.    

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