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Basel Region - a fertile ground for Precision Medicine


Basel Region - a fertile ground for Precision Medicine

What does it take to make precision medicine happen – and why provides Basel the perfect cluster for the development? That is where DayOne comes into play: The innovation hub for precision medicine is a bottom up initiative to break down the silo mentality of healthcare innovation. The group promotes collaboration through events and collaborative projects amongst stakeholders in the region. One important cornerstone is the DayOne Conference that takes place on Wednesday, November 15th at Markthalle Basel, healthcare innovators, practioners, patients, scientists, entrepreneurs, industry experts, researchers and ICT specialists come together to discuss and explore opportunities in creating the future of Health.

The building blocks for Precision Medicine

Life Sciences
There are over 100 biopharma organisations undertaking R&D and over 200 with commercial operations in the Basel region. More than 90 companies operate in medtech. All told, there are over 300 life science companies with over 30,000 employees in the region. Furthermore, Basel is well represented in the field of bioinformatics with more than 30 companies working in the field.

Basel region counts over 6,000 students and researchers in the field of medicine and science at the University of Basel including the Department of Biomedical Engineering and the Department of Biomedicine. Interdisciplinary teams are working together, be it within institutions, with hospitals or companies.

Basel has leading institutions such as the University Hospital Basel with over 7,000 staff and a number of other specialty and regional hospitals as well as the world leading telemedicine innovator Medgate.

In addition to the field of life sciences there over 10,000 people working at ICT companies in the region. Zurich, a growing hub for software development, with 40,000 software developers and the main engineering campus for Google is in close proximity to Basel.

Combining the pieces

To thrive, precision medicine needs a combination of skills from across and outside the healthcare and life science industries. This includes drugs, devices and other treatments, diagnostics like molecular biomarkers, omics or imaging. Feedback loops offered by the rapidly evolving digital tools including wearables, artificial intelligence and big data complement the package.

The ingredients in Basel Region are plentiful and come with a lot of potential. But the presence of the building blocks of Precision Medicine is not sufficient to complete a circle of invention to innovation. An invention only becomes an innovation when it is implemented into practice. To do so and to use the value of the cluster in the region, industry, academia, hospitals, regulators and patients themselves need to collaborate. Institutions and individuals also need to be able to grow outside of existing institutions.

DayOne pushes the effort in the field of precision medicine to a new level. To that end, Basel created two event formats: “DayOne Experts” is a series of five events per year for 50 to 150 participants each. At the “DayOne Conference”, up to 250 participants gather for a one-day open innovation conference. Furthermore, realizes the “DayOne Lab”, where innovators can build prototypes to solve specific problems.

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