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Visionarity uses gamification that makes it easier to reach fitness goals.

Visionarity uses gamification that makes it easier to reach fitness goals.


Weight Watchers members motivated by Visionarity

Visionarity AG has gained Weight Watchers (Germany) as a client. Its digital application complements the Weight Watchers programme by using gamification elements. By comparing activities with other participants, users are encouraged to move more.

According to a statement from the Basel-based e-Health provider Visionarity, its app can be integrated into a variety of fitness trackers. It transmits every step taken directly onto a mobile telephone, and even allows users to compare their own activities to other Weight Watchers participants. 

When used in concert with the regular Weight Watchers app, participants are able to increase their fitness through a playful competition with others, said Nicolette Hehn from the management team at Weight Watchers Germany.

“We can improve the health of all people using our programme,” added Visionarity CEO Kolja A. Rafferty. “In doing so, we improve their quality of life while also creating communities.”

Founded in 2012, Visionarity is active in the e-Health market, particularly with modules for corporate health management and innovations for the insurance and financial industry.

One of its core elements is the use of gamification techniques, which are meant to motivate participants to move more.


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