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Movu has become the largest online moving platform in Switzerland.

Movu has become the largest online moving platform in Switzerland.


Baloise to acquire MOVU moving platform

Baloise is acquiring the Zurich-based start-up MOVU, which runs Switzerland’s largest moving platform. The acquisition allows the Basel-based insurance firm to further expand its services in the digital sector.

MOVU was founded in Zurich in 2014 and has become the largest online moving platform in Switzerland. Customers can organise their moves online, receive quotes from moving companies, and even book these directly on the platform – all the while receiving advise from MOVU experts.

With the acquisition of the Zurich start-up, Baloise will be in a position to expand its services in the digital field and complement its traditional insurance business with new services. The insurance company will also be able to acquire “valuable know-how for the platform business that MOVU built up,” said Michael Müller, CEO of Basel Insurance Switzerland.

As part of the acquisition, MOVU will also receive growth financing, which it will use over the coming months to expand into further digital areas related to home and living. When the acquisition is completed, MOVU will remain independent, and Baloise will invest in the collaboration to develop joint solutions and accelerate growth.

“With its cyber insurance and photo-based watch insurance, Baloise has been underscoring since the beginning of the year its role as an insurance pioneer for digital business. With the acquisition of MOVU, we are bringing extra momentum to reach the goals of Simply Safe by 2021, especially by acquiring new customers,” said Gert De Winter, CEO of Baloise Group.


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