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University wants greater impact


University wants greater impact

To better exploit the region’s innovative potential, the University of Basel is launching an innovation initiative. Christian Schneider has been named head of innovation.

Within its innovation initiative, the University of Basel intends to “raise awareness, share skills and deliver services”, it explained. Its initiative is running under the motto “Tradition is obliged to be open-minded”.

The innovation initiative is intended to help better exploit knowledge gained at the university – not only in the field of life sciences, but also in humanities and social sciences. Although the university has been developing in terms of knowledge transfer over the past few years, it still lags behind the internationally leading universities. The aim is to start to close the gap. “We are in a development phase and the university is being pushed,” commented university president Andrea Schenker-Wick.

The university has already planned or implemented several concrete measures. Christian Schneider assumed the position of head of innovation in March. Now, he will create structures and networks to implement the innovation-intensive projects. By the summer, a webpage should have been created to collate all the information gathered by the initiative.  

In autumn, the university will hold its first Innovation Day. And planned for the coming year is an innovation event designed for start-up companies, investors and other interested parties. The intention is to then hold this event every year.

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