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future medicine (img: Luis Louro/shutterstock)

future medicine (img: Luis Louro/shutterstock)


Genedata presents new product

Genedata, the Basel-based developer of software for scientific applications, is to present a new product at a conference starting on Saturday. The product facilitates analysis of the electric behavior of membrane proteins.

Between Saturday and Wednesday, the SLAS 2017 conference will take place in Washington, D.C. SLAS is a specialist meeting dedicated to promoting technology in science. During the event, Genedata will present its new product Screener for Ion Channel Screening. The latest version has a function that also supports Patch Clamp technology, according to a statement. This measuring method allows power in ion channels to be portrayed.

Ion channels allow ions to cross membranes. They are of increasing importance in the development of medications, explained Genedata. However, collecting data in this field has so far been very time-consuming and has required big computing capacities.

The Screener for Ion Channel Screening developed by the Basel-based software company presents an efficient solution. With the complete implementation of the new version and the automisation of workflow, analysis time can be reduced by up to 95 per cent.

The German company Nanion has developed a work station for the corresponding analysis processes. Genedata’s new Screener is compatible with this work station, so the two companies can together offer a comprehensive analysis unit. It could allow Patch Clamp experiments to reach a new level, according to Niels Fertig, CEO of Nanion Technologies.

Thanks to the partnership, users can carry out their analyses for medication development on a greater scale, thus increasing their potential for success, claimed Genedata CEO Othmar Pfannes.


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