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Gabriela Güntherodt

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Designing the future in Life sciences  – at JPM17


Designing the future in Life sciences – at JPM17

What will life sciences look like in 2030?  We asked a panel of experts this question at our annual event during the JPMorgan Healthcare week in San Francisco, igniting an animated discussion about where the business of health is heading in the next ten years and beyond.

The panelists hailed from companies like CRISPR Therapeutics, a leader in the revolutionary CRISPR technology; Roivant Sciences, a NYC-based biotech startup with an amazing track record of biggest biotech IPOs; and Ultragenyx, a fast-growing California biopharma company in the ultra rare disease space.

All three companies have roots in Basel: Roivant and Ultragenyx established their global and European headquarters in Basel last year, while CRISPR Therapeutics has its start-up origins in Basel.

Biotech companies Roivant Sciences, Ultragenyx and CRISPR Therapeutics discussed innovation strategies, the benefits of the talent pool in Basel and why they believe location matters for growth.

Also part of the panel were two life sciences advisors from KPMG and Venture Valuation who gave their views on the latest trends in financing and biotech valuation models.

The business models of big pharma and biotech companies will change. What Amazon did with commerce and the way Uber revolutionised how people use car services will happen in healthcare – this was one of the panel’s main predictions for the future of life sciences.

A new wave of start-ups will disrupt current commercialisation models and big pharma’s supply chain and distribution channels. So far the early research stages in life sciences have been disrupted and innovated, but not so much the supply chain and commercial aspects of life sciences. And that is where the low hanging fruits for innovation are, according to the panel.

What is your prediction in life sciences for 2030?

#JPM week – one of the largest and most prominent gathering of the American and international life sciences community – takes place in San Francisco each year in January. takes part by organising an annual event together with KPMG and Venture Valuation for the life sciences community of Basel at JPM.

Further information on the event you can find here:

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