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Computer Doctor (Img: Cienpies Design/shutterstock)

Computer Doctor (Img: Cienpies Design/shutterstock)


Clinerion enters South American market

Brazil’s iHealth Group has joined Clinerion’s Patient Recruitment System platform, which helps find suitable candidates for clinical trials. The partnership opens up the South American market to Basel-based Clinerion.

Pharmaceutical companies can use the Patient Recruitment System (PRS) developed by Clinerion to find participants for their clinical studies, which compares patient records from participating hospitals with the corresponding parameters in real-time.

Its hospital network has now been expanded with the iHealth Group of Brazil, a company that focuses on the health information industry. According to a Clinerion statement, iHealth works on several products, including electronic patient records, online results delivery and an IT system that facilitates clinical decisions.

With iHealth joining Clinerion’s PRS platform, pharmaceutical companies and contract research organisations sponsoring clinical trials will now have access to Brazilian patient data, expanding the number of patients that can be recruited for clinical trials. For iHealth’s patients, this means greater opportunities to gain earlier access to new treatment methods.

For Clinerion, this new partnership means it has now entered the South American market, which CEO Ulf Claesson describes as a milestone. Clinerion intends to expand further into new geographic areas across the world.

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