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Novartis in Basel. (Img: lucarista/shutterstock)

Novartis in Basel. (Img: lucarista/shutterstock)


Polyphor extends collaboration with Novartis

Allschwil BL – The pharmaceutical company Polyphor has been collaborating with Novartis to develop innovative drugs based on macrocycles. It has now announced that it achieved a pre-clinical milestone and will extend the R&D collaboration, triggering a milestone payment.

Polyphor discovers and develops innovative drugs based on macrocycles, a new drug class chemically defined by a ring structure that offers a promising alternative to small molecules and biopharmaceuticals due to its size and stability. Polyphor uses its macrocycle platform to develop drug candidates in collaboration with leading pharmaceutical companies, including the Basel-based pharmaceutical company Novartis. Its drug candidates include treatments for pseudomonas infections or lung diseases like cystic fibrosis.

In the scope of its ongoing R&D partnership with Novartis, Polyphor, which is based in Allschwil in the canton of Basel-Landschaft, has now achieved a pre-clinical milestone and will extend its R&D collaboration, triggering a milestone payment. According to a statement, the two companies will now work towards developing pre-clinical drug candidates for targets selected by Novartis. Polyphor will apply its medical chemistry expertise, while Novartis will be responsible for pre-clinical and clinical development and commercialisation.

Steffen Weinbrenner, head of Alliance Management at Polyphor, says that achieving the milestone and extending the collaboration are a confirmation of the power of Polyphor’s proprietary macrocycle platform.

“By applying this platform, Polyphor provides its partners access to its macrocycle technology and optimisation engine, allowing for the joint development of innovative macrocycle drugs with strong patent protection,” Weinbrenner said.

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