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Robotic surgery. (Img: phipatbig/shutterstock)

Robotic surgery. (Img: phipatbig/shutterstock)


Basel laser surgery company gains new investor

Allschwil BL – The German company Aesculap AG is investing in the Basel company Advanced Osteotomy Tools. It developed CARLO, a robotic system that performs surgical procedures on bones.

The CARLO system from Advanced Osteotomy Tools AG (AOT) is based on what is known as cold laser photoablation. This advanced technology leaves the bone tissue near the surgical site intact and healthy, according to a statement from the pharmaceutical and medical device company B.Braun. Aesculap belongs to B.Braun.

“The technology from AOT represents an outstanding external innovation that Aesculap regards as highly worthy of support. For this reason, we have invested in AOT,” said chairperson of the Aesculap board, Hanns-Peter Knaebel.

CARLO uses a robot to cut the bones by means of cold laser technology. Aesculap believes that this contact-free system will be the first of its kind to be certified “as the world’s first medical, tactile robot.” After studies and tests, the system is expected to receive CE certification in 2018. AOT received the necessary financing through a series C financing round, which included a subscription period of CHF 11.5 million in which Aesculap came on board as an investor.

AOT emerged out of a spin-off of the University Hospital Basel. According to its chairperson Erich Platzer, CARLO will be integrated step-by-step into existing surgical procedures in the beginning. “But the innovative and versatile CARLO technique will allow surgeons to reinvent bone surgery over time”.

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