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Genomic data. (Img: PublicDomainPictures/Pixabay)

Genomic data. (Img: PublicDomainPictures/Pixabay)


Basel company supports personalised medicine

Basel – The Basel-based company BC Platforms is collaborating with Microsoft to provide genomics data management solutions in the cloud to Codigo46, a Mexican company that is building the largest biobank in Latin America.

BC Platforms announced back in July that is partnering with Codigo46 to support the creation of the largest biobank in Latin America, which Codigo46 is building and management in cooperation with Mexican health and research authorities.

According to a new statement from the Basel-based company, it will now provide integrated genomic data management solutions in the cloud to Codigo46. BC Platforms and Microsoft have been collaborating since March to use the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and services for joint solutions in healthcare.

Tero Silovola, CEO of BC Platforms, said that his company has been optimising its product offerings for Azure since it began collaborating with Microsoft earlier this year.

“Microsoft has built a scalable cloud-based service that enables us to easily and reliably process large volumes of genomic data and we are leveraging this in our partnership with Codigo46,” Silovola said.

Codigo46 is building the biobank to develop and deliver personalised medicine. CEO Lorenzo Haddad said that their vision is to create a profile for each patient that will enable them to receive the ideal personalised treatment. The initial focus will be on understanding metabolic diseases such as diabetes and its complications, which he calls “one of the most significant unmet needs in Mexico”.


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