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App for dosing antibiotics


App for dosing antibiotics

Basel – TopPharm, a group of independent pharmacies, has launched a new app that will help patients correctly take their antibiotics. The app was developed by the Basel-based company AG.

TopPharm has launched a new app for antibiotics. According to a statement, customers can download the app to their mobile telephone free of charge. The pharmacist then activates the app and introduces the data for the medication.

“In such cases, our pharmacy teams look after our customers far beyond selling the product and make a valuable contribution towards ensuring that treatments are carried out successfully and also efficiently. This is genuine customer health coaching,” said TopPharm CEO Stefan Wild.

The app was developed by the Basel-based company AG. The company also operates an online information platform with various tips and links, as well as information about antibiotics. founder André Gerber wants to use the platform to build a health network in which the patient, doctor and pharmacist are better connected to one another. This could also help minimise antibiotic resistance.


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