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Workshop (Img: Rawpixel/shutterstock)

Workshop (Img: Rawpixel/shutterstock)


Workshop «Building Bridges» on Precision Medicine at Schloss Beuggen is seeking for participants

On 28th October 2016, Douglas Connect is organizing a workshop at Schloss Beuggen, Rheinfelden (Germany). According to a release, the main focus of the workshop is on developing interactions among practitioners across various disciplines for improved decision making for patients, based on new innovative scientific techniques.

Goal of the workshop is “starting the discussion among various disciplines and to promote the understanding of this field and network amongst participants”, the release states. The organizers hope, that this will create new interdisciplinary opportunities to advance the safety, efficacy and impact of the emerging field of personalised medicine.
The workshop is free of charge; a registration is mandatory.

Why this workshop?
Despite the major advances in understanding disease in the post-genomic era, still a majority of all drugs are effective in only a limited number of patients. From a clinical perspective, to take decisions on what therapeutics to use for which patient is still challenging.

The academic and industry experts are working on novel concepts to address the needs for stratified or personalised therapeutic interventions. These concepts include aspects of -omics, together with stem cells biology, and computational modelling and others.

Program and online registration

Webseite of Douglas Connect


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