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Three-country triangle. (Img: Staatskanzlei Basel-Stadt)

Three-country triangle. (Img: Staatskanzlei Basel-Stadt)


Tri-national cooperation visible in Basel region

Basel – The cooperation between Switzerland, Germany and France is especially evident in the Basel region, and the population benefits in particular when it comes to transport and education. Steps have been taken to continue this in the long term.

Guy Morin, president of the canton of Basel-Stadt, and Isaac Reber, a councillor from the canton of Basel-Landschaft, deepened the cooperation with France at an exchange in Strasbourg, according to a statement from the canton of Basel-Landschaft. They also discussed current issues from the tri-national agglomeration region of Basel, including education and transport.

With respect to the region’s urban rail, Morin said: “The centrepiece is to connect the SBB station with the Basel Badischer Bahnhof railway station in Basel, which would represent a quantum leap in the development of the tri-national urban rail in Basel. It would create new potential and added value for other infrastructure projects, such as the rail line to the EuroAirport.”

Following a meeting with the mayor of Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany), Dieter Salomon, and his counterpart from Mulhouse (France), Jean Rottner, Morin highlighted the tri-national education programmes created through the collaboration among the universities and colleagues along the Upper Rhein. “The canton of Basel-Stadt contributed significantly to the cross-border economic development and improved the cooperation structures,” said Morin in a statement from the canton of Basel-Stadt.

The business development agency also promotes cooperation between the three countries, for example by organising joint events on a regular basis. Recently, speakers from the three countries came together to discuss digitalisation and Industry 4.0, an event that was attended by 100 people. Further tri-national events in Alsace and Baden are planned for next year.

The joint initiative of the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE) Interreg, which promotes cross-border cooperation, is also highly interested in leading the cross-border discussion on Industry 4.0.

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