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DNA editing (Image: shutterstock/Lightspring)

DNA editing (Image: shutterstock/Lightspring)


Genedata facilitates genome editing

Basel – The Basel software company Genedata has presented the latest version of its Genedata Selector. This knowledge management solution facilitates genome editing, a method for altering DNA.

Genedata develops software solutions for users from the pharmaceutical and agrobiotechnology industries. Genedata Selector was developed in order to support genome editing, a molecular-biological method that inserts, deletes or changes DNA. The latest version of the software, Genedata Selector 4.5, has numerous new functions, according to a statement.

Its data bank offers more opportunities for comparing the newest research with experiments that have already been conducted. During the process, the corresponding genome sequence can be compared with a large number of reference sequences, thus reducing processing time.    

Genedata Selector 4.5 is a solution that will assume a leading role in research and development, according to Othmar Pfannes, CEO of Genedata. He added that it would be a key component for integrating innovative technologies, saying: “We are committed to supporting our customers to remain at the forefront of innovation and to improve the efficiency of their research and development projects.”


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