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Lift Basel Conference 2014. (Img: Lift Conference)

Lift Basel Conference 2014. (Img: Lift Conference)


The program of Lift Basel 2015 ist taking shape, Early Bird tickets now available

Connecting innovators in Life Sciences and Information Technologies, with the support of i-net as presenting partner and with fundings by the State Secretariat of Ecomomic Affairs, the cantons of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft together with Regio Basiliensis, the second edition of the Lift Basel Conference will take place at Basel’s Markthalle on October 29-30, 2015. «Early bird» tickets at the special rate of CHF 490 instead CHF 650 are now on sale for a limited time period. And the programme highlights so far confirmed are very promising:

Cross-industrial workshop on precision medicine
As presenting partner of the Lift Basel Conference, i-net is co-organising a cross-industrial workshop titled «Precision Medicine - Exploring the Future of Health Care». Together with opinion leaders, researchers and experts from the NWCH Life Sciences and Healthcare Cluster, the workshops aims to explore why the rapid technological changes in the last two decades make the «average patient» a more and more problematic concept, and how the medical paradigms in «one-size-fits-all health care settings» will be changing.

After a few presentations discussing mid- to long-term developments in this evolving biomedical innovation landscape, the group will be split up into high diversity teams that will be challenged to come up with new solutions to the problems described. It is even envisioned that some of the teams may later develop proposals to trigger implementation of relevant solutions.

New inspiring speakers confirmed
Lift Basel Conference fosters an open and dynamic dialogue about fast moving ideas, solutions and opportunities generated by the growing confluence of tech, bio and business. Among the already confirmed speakers are:

Neil Goldsmith, co-founder and CEO of Evolva. Goldsmith will speak about «Brewing new food ingredients using custom-built organisms». He will be explaining, what the next frontiers in synthetic biology are to make food better? And what «better» actually means.

Marion Colombani is Senior Legal Officer at Medicines for Malaria Venture, helping to port key success factors found in Silicon Valley startups to the fight against malaria. She will talk about «Advancing antimalarial drug research through open source initiatives».

At first sight, Novozymes from Denmark looks like a successful but fairly normal biotech company. But the Company has a strategic approach to open innovation and open source approaches that is far beyond the industry standard. Gernot J. Abel, Science Manager at Novozymes, will have a speech about «Making open innovation and citizen science work in biotechnology».

All speakers confirmed so far and the first exciting workshops exploring hot topics such as Synthetic Biology, Strategic Openness in Life and Data Science, Surgeon Superpowers and The Future of Food & Beverage, can be found on the Lift Basel Conference webpage.

All confirmed speakers of Lift Basel Conference 2015

All confirmed workshops and breakouts of Lift Basel Conference 2015

Tickets for Lift Basel Conference 2015


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