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Pascal Mangold, CEO Magnolia (Img: Magnolia)

Pascal Mangold, CEO Magnolia (Img: Magnolia)


Magnolia uses sixth Basel conference to reposition itself as digital business platform

Magnolia workshop. (Img: Magnolia)

With over 300 attendees, Magnolia’s sixth conference from 9th-11th June 2015 at Paté cinema in Basel turned out to be its biggest ever, the press release states. The event included a full day of workshops and two days of presentations centred on using Magnolia as the hub of digital business initiatives.

During the conference, Magnolia’s CEO Pascal Mangold outlined the new positioning of Magnolia as a digital business platform with a CMS at its core. In addition, Philipp Bärfuss, Magnolia’s CTO, announced Magnolia’s upcoming release «Magnolia 5.4» which, according to the release, «lowers the entry barrier for Magnolia, offering new ‘light modules’ that allow developers to customize Magnolia, even without using Java, by using frontend technologies and HTML on the file system».

Internet of Things and the use of beacons
One of the main topics was the Internet of Things and in this context, Magnolia presented a set of apps for managing beacon engagement. In line with the topic, beacons around the event location helped, as attendees received relevant location-based messages on their mobile phones.

According to the press release, the highlight for many was the unconference on the second day, where participants got to lead the agenda and discuss the issues they really cared about. For others, the highlight was the panel discussion on digital transformation at the end of day one, which saw experts in the field discussing the complex demands it poses for businesses. And all the workshops had been «heavily oversubscribed», which will lead to an expanded list of workshop for 2016.

Video of keynotes by CEO Pascal Mangold and CVO Boris Kraft


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