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Adrian Sprenger


Adrian Sprenger

Dr. | Manager Entrepreneurship

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Workshop: How to effectively pitch your business idea

You believe in your business idea and you want to convince others to do the same? Usually, you get very little time to present yourself and your idea -- this makes pitching very challenging. The workshop How to Pitch provides you with all the tools you need to make your pitch most effective: Learn to identify the content that is relevant to your audience and how to make your pitch clear and constructive; practice in hands-on exercises to be concrete and concise and to engage your audience.

This workshop is the perfect place to improve your communication skills, to practice your pitch and to learn about common pitfalls and mistakes. It also provides a good opportunity to practice an upcoming presentation if it is no longer than 3min. The workshop, however, does not require slides and rather focusses on the free verbal delivery.
When: 16th of May 2018; 15:00 – 19:00
Where: Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area AG, Gewerbestrasse 24, 4123 Allschwil
1. Introduction, frame setting & motivation.
2. Warm-up exercise: learn about your communication style, your strengths and weaknesses.
3. Theory: How to make a pitch clear and effective.
4. Practice: Give a 2-minute pitch, get feedback and repeat (small groups, max. 6 participants).
5. Discussion in whole group: What did you observe? Summarise pitfalls and common mistakes.
6. Theory: Notes on how to use slides & infographics.
7. Final remarks, Q&A, feedback.

15.00 Welcome, introduction, motivation
15.15 Exercise preparation
15.20 Warm-up exercise
16.00 Short break
16.20 What makes a pitch clear and effective
16.40 Practice in small groups, round 1 (with flexible break)
17.25 Practice in small groups, round 2 (with flexible break)
18.10 Discussion: summary of observations

Please register through email at adrian.notexisting@nodomain.comsprenger@baselarea.notexisting@nodomain.comswiss and include a short project description.
Janina Linnik is a PhD candidate in Computational Systems Biology at ETH Zurich. After graduating from the Free University of Berlin, she moved to Basel in 2015 to join an interdisciplinary project between ETH and the University Hospital Basel. She works together with mathematicians, computer scientists, biologists and clinicians and learned the importance and difficulties of communicating science clearly and precisely across the disciplines. Therefore, she has been organising communication workshops for students and researchers since 2015.
Oskari Vinko is an ETH Pioneer Fellow and entrepreneur. He moved to Switzerland to study Synthetic Biology at ETH Zurich where he built optogenetic control mechanisms for gene expression. After graduation in 2017, Oskari founded a startup in Life Science laboratory automation, UniteLabs AG, which is his third company. Oskari is internationally awarded communicator (FameLab grand champion 2015) and has been awarded with several pitch awards. Since 2015, he has been training science  slammers, students and researchers in science communication.

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