Market Opportunity and Analysis

Marketing is one of the fundamental requirements of any business plan. Market analysis, which reveals the existing strengths and weaknesses of the target market, plays an important role in considering your business idea. In addition, planning effective marketing initiatives and strategies helps meet the needs and expectations of a target market and its audience.

SWOT analysis is a practical tool for analysing the strengths and weaknesses of your business idea, as well as for assessing the opportunities and threats presented by the market.





Each entrepreneur’s priority must be to assess the opportunities and risks of the target market. It is vitally important to analyse the market as thoroughly as possible in order to extrapolate the advantages of the business idea and to identify the opportunities in a market. Answering the following questions serves as a market analysis roadmap: What’s the structure of the target industry? What are the development and growth opportunities? Who are the potential clients? What are their requirements and needs? Who are the relevant competitors? What are their competing offers? How resourceful do you consider the competitors are?

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