Financing, which includes all activities related to financial planning and company funding, is a basic requisite for forming a company. And it may be one of the most important criteria for successfully establishing and growing a company.

In order to grow their business, entrepreneurs have different funding options available. These are contingent on the actual stage of the corporate cycle (early stage, expansion or late stage) their company has reached at the time of expected funding.

Please see the following document for more information on financing options and awards


Public Subsidies: The Swiss federal government and the cantons primarily focus on the creation of a business-friendly framework. Financial support by the government for individual businesses is generally not provided; exceptions however may apply in selected economic fields.

Federal Initiatives: Most economic assistance at federal level is directed at research and development. Important points of contact include:

Tax Holiday: The Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft cantons can offer companies tax relief for up to ten years provided the following conditions are met:

  • Establishment of a new company or a fundamental change in the business activity
  • Legal entity
  • Business activities serve the economic interests of the canton

Rent Relief: New companies headquartered in the Canton of Basel-Stadt with specific rental space requirements (e.g. labs) can request rent relief from the canton. See this link for more information.

Security Collateral: Companies receiving financing from banks can apply for additional funds through security collateral associations, known as “Bürgschaftsgenossenschaften.” The following security collateral associations are active in the Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft cantons:

Bürgschaftsgenossenschaft Mitte

Bürgschaftsgenossenschaft SAFFA

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